Plug-in headphones

The potential of the volume of the plug-in best Bluetooth headphones at first glance may seem higher than the inserts. Yes, sound insulation again solves, but imagine that with equal power the entire stream of sound beats over your eardrum.

Inserts also have to be done a little louder, but, believe me, changing from a dozen models of this type of headphones, I can say the main thing is to make the right choice.

Argument. Who wants to stall? No one. Listening to music on the subway or near the motorway is a silly undertaking, even in monitor headphones, and the impact of the insects on the hearing organ is still higher than that of the liners.

Hum is not a bass

Remember the legendary series of plug-in headphones of The Plug from the company Koss. Here they are:

I perfectly remember my feelings after the first listening. Why, why so much bass? It turned out – this is a real illness of this type of headphones. That’s just the “headphones are shaking” reminds me of the Hertz subwoofer in 41 “Muscovites”.

bluetooth headphones

Argument. Do not confuse “deep bass” and frank “blockage” of low frequencies. Using the plug-in headphones I had to make friends with the equalizer, ruthlessly removing the level of their bassiness. There is no such problem with liners.


If I’m used to a particular sound and I like the sound of “upper, medium and low”, why should I give it up? But with plug-in headphones, everything happens just like this. Sitting the headphones deeper into the ear canal – got a lot of bass, changed the curvature of the output nozzle tunnel – keep the middle frequency range transmitting.

Argument . The inserts always sound the same. Bad or good – depends entirely on what you have purchased.

You already have inserts

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you have an iPhone or iPod at your disposal. It does not matter if it’s a “five”, “six” or an advanced “plus” – headphones Ear Earphones with a headset are included .

Do you think Apple chose the liners by accident? Apple and by accident – things are incompatible. No, the cost price of “droplets” and “plugs” on production scales hardly differs, but only the first are ever more reliable.

Here they are:

Apple EarPods Earphones

Frequency range: 20 – 20 000 Hz
Resistance: 23 Ohm
Weight: 10 grams

They can serve for years and delight the excellent sound of thousands of hours. The original Apple EarPods rarely die of their own death. As a rule, they are lost, forgotten, torn, and then again return to this unpretentious, but time-tested model.

Apple EarPods is the perfect companion for any Apple mobile technology. With a weight of 10 grams, they are able to compete in sound quality with real heavyweights.

And as an option, you can always choose an alternative “on a reliable basis”:

Sudio TVA headphones

Frequency range: 20 – 20 000 Hz
Resistance: 32 Ohms
Weight: 20 grams

Stylish headphones, which completely repeat the design of the classic EarPods from Apple, but look much more original. A flat cord makes it possible to minimize tangles, and a reliable “G” -shaped plug provides maximum comfort when worn.

With a light weight of 20 grams, Sudio TVA easily produces a quality and balanced throughout the frequency range.