The GS1000 DVR is the OEM name of a completely famous digicam that may document 1080p at 30FPS. this is an Ambarella A2S processor based totally dash cam (generally the A2S60 as in line with the picture under – click to view large).

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There are numerous variations / clones of this digicam to be had with a ramification of names. despite the fact that the out of doors case may appearance the equal, the high-quality varies dramatically among extraordinary cameras. This camera has turn out to be quite famous as it has a GPS and G-shock sensor at an inexpensive fee. It additionally isn’t too big. The daylight hours video first-class is right however the night time video first-class is below common. depending at the camera, the bit charge will vary.

There are a lot of those GS1000 cameras available on eBay, Aliexpress and DealExtreme. some of those cameras are respectable at the same time as others are not that first rate. This page will assist you identify the good cameras from the negative ones.

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GS1000 fashions

there are numerous branded GS1000 models. As may be seen by way of the long listing of models underneath, attempting to distinguish the cameras is hard.

Samoon DV5E5 – this is one of the maximum popular “brands” for this camera (Orange Menu).
Givoe GS1000 – From China (Orange Menu)
Chelong CL-506GS-D – From China (Orange Menu)
iconBIT DVR FHD MK2 – Russian model (Orange Menu)
TeXet DVR-1GP – Russian version (Orange Menu)
Neoline Fusion – Russian version (Orange Menu)
GlobusGPS GL-AV5 GPS – Russian version (Orange Menu)
xDevice BlackBox 22G – Russian version
Videosvidetel FHD G-360 – Russian version
Gmini MagicEye HD50G – Russian model (Orange Menu)
Cyfron DV03-mobic GPS – Russian model
Procam ZX9 – Russian version
Recam ZX9 – Russian model
Mteco HD iTracker – Russian version (Orange Menu)
Magic vision VR-330 – Russian model
automobile Black box DV5E5 HD – Russian model
GT-506GS-D – Russian model
GS1000VSB – From AliExpress (Blue Menu)
SD-GS500 – From AliExpress (Orange Menu)
RS2 – fake digital camera primarily based on the iCatch SPCA6330A processor (see this thread for full info in this camera)
VG12 – faux digital camera based totally on the Novatek processor
+ Many Others

with out GPS

Texet DVR-601FHD
Gmini MagicEye HD50
Cyfron DV03-mobic
The models above with out GPS are considered faux GS1000 sprint cams. avoid any GS1000 model that doesn’t have GPS and a G-Sensor.

Which model to buy?

while seeking to purchase a camera, keep away from any without GPS and G-Sensor considering these are fakes. presently there are four primary forms of GS1000 cameras. There are 2 cheaper, lower best ones with a blue menu. There also are 2 higher nice cameras with orange menus. There are also many faux GS1000 cameras with a Novatek processor.

old Blue Menu

The Blue Menu camera is an Ambarella A2S processor based digicam and can be recognized in a few approaches. It has a blue menu like this.

This digicam typically comes with firmware Older versions were and 1.1.1G1KB. additionally within the video recording, the date and time appear at the top left nook at the same time as the velocity is on the lowest proper corner.

New Blue Menu

the brand new blue menu comes with firmware 2.0.4G1KB and has a more graphical menu. The cameras has a distinct sensor whilst compared with the antique blue menu digicam. The firmware isn’t well matched between the versions. seemingly this version is better than the old version however we are nonetheless gathering records on performance.

New Orange Menu

the new Orange Menu is an Ambarella A2S processor based totally digicam as nicely and can be recognized in a few ways. It has an orange menu like this.

This digital camera generally comes with firmware v4.35.210512A or comparable. additionally the date, time and speed seem on the lowest right corner of the video.

The fine of daylight hours video and night time time video is better than than Blue Menu digicam. despite the fact that the night time video is better than the Blue Menu camera, the night time satisfactory remains underneath common. The bitrate is particularly low at 7,000 kb/s which causes some pixelation while driving close to trees.

old Orange Menu

vintage Orange Menu GS1000 sprint cams are very just like the brand new Orange Menu Cameras. The antique Orange Menu cameras come with firmware versions SMH3.31.120112 or comparable. The firmware for the new orange menu is not like minded with the vintage orange menu cameras due to slightly unique hardware being used. it’s far believed that the best of the sensor in the old orange menu dash cam is marginally higher than the new orange menu.

fake Novatek

Many fake GS1000’s at the moment are being sold now primarily based on the Novatek processor in place of the Ambarella processor. commonly this camera does no longer come with GPS and has negative to common video nice. The charge is normally below $50. Comes with firmware including DVR-B709.20120626-A. occasionally this camera is referred to as the VG12. here are some pictures of this digicam.